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BA FTM/Trans/Queer's Journal
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Date:2014-06-15 10:38
Subject:Anthem blue cross

The affordable care act is denying me Kaiser even though I had Kaiser at a previous job for more than 4 years. Now I'm having a very hard time looking for trans friendly/educated doctors for Blue Cross. Does anyone here possibly have a great family practitioner as well as an obg/yn in the east bay?
I'm looking in the east bay as it's difficult for me to get to doctors in the city.
Thank you.

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Date:2013-09-19 10:42
Subject:Binder up for grabs

Hey ,

Who needs a binder out there? i have one to spare email me joe.libin@gmail.com


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Date:2013-08-08 11:26
Subject:Binder donations

Hi there,

I'm working on a clothing sale called Cupcakes and Muffintops - it's for fat people of all genders. this year we received some used binders as a donation. assuming they don't get purchased at the sale, where would be a good place to donate them afterwards.


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Date:2013-05-10 12:10
Subject:Beginning Singing Workshop for LGBTQ People and Allies with FtM Voice Teacher Eli Conley

Beginning Singing Workshop for LGBTQ People and Allies

3 – 6 pm Saturday May 18th

La Peña Cultural Center
3105 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
Wheelchair accessible

This is a workshop for self-identified transgender, queer, bisexual, lesbian and gay people and our straight allies who want to develop their singing voices in a fun group setting. Beginners to experienced singers welcome! Come prepared to experiment with your voice. We will explore breathing for singing, understanding and embodying our bodies as instruments, playful vocal exercises, singing a group song and improvising together.

Workshop Fee: $50
Sliding scale conversations are available upon request.

To register, e-mail SingWithEli@gmail.com. The registration deadline is May 15th.

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Date:2013-04-26 10:39
Subject:Upcoming Drag Shows to raise money for top surgery

Hey everyone, I'm hosting a couple of drag shows in May to raise money for my top surgery so I wanted to post about it here if anyone was interested in attending. On May 22nd the show will be in Oakland at the White Horse at 9pm and on May 23rd the show will be in SF at the Lookout also at 9pm. Also at the SF show there will be a drink special for the night where 50% of the sales will go towards my fundraiser, the drink of the night will be called the Peach Pectacular :D

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Date:2013-03-18 14:33
Subject:endocrinologist recommendation?

Does anyone know a good endocrinologist who works at UCSF?


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Date:2012-04-15 02:27
Subject:Tomorrow is Closing Night!

Tomorrow from 5 to 7 PM at the Women's Building in SF come help us close out our show and support TLBG youth across the entire Bay Area!

Can't come but still want to donate? Buy a ticket - http://butterflyineffect.eventbrite.com/

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Date:2012-04-05 00:00
Subject:Butterfly in Effect: Beyond Binary April 13th through 15th

BUTTERFLY IN EFFECT: BEYOND BINARY explores themes of environment, gender and the space between. All performers self identify somewhere on a Trans, Gender-Queer, Gender-Fluid, or Gender Non-Conforming spectrum with interpretations of environment ranging anywhere from the outdoors to religion. Proceeds to go to local LGBTQ youth organizations.

Advance tickets recommended, one weekend only 
April 13-15 2012
(Fri-Sat 7PM // Sun 5 PM)

WOMEN'S BUILDING: 3543 18 th St. #18
TICKETS: $10 donation, no one turned away for lack of funds
Advanced tickets recommended
BOX OFFICE: http://butterflyineffect.eventbrite.com/

Performer and Beneficiary informationCollapse )

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Date:2012-01-25 00:49
Subject:tomorrow night from 745 to 9 at the Pacific Center!

"Transmasculine voices"
This voice workshop, presented by Lal Zimman, PhD candidate at the the University of Colorado, provides a linguistic perspective on gender and the voice or folks on the transmasculine spectrum. He will discuss vocal anatomy, other linguists' findings on gender differences in the voice, and his own dissertation research on the changes in pitch and speaking style that occur for transmasculine folks on testosterone. Resources for further reading and recording your own voice will also be covered

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Date:2012-01-03 13:08
Subject:room needed

I need a room!
I do all the good things people want(clean,listen,do my chores)
Non partier
Dependable income
Laid back
Coffee drinker
Card player

Im not sure what else.Im a really interesting and nice person.
I prefer to stay in SF.I work in the city.
600 or less
Feb 1st
Please help me out if you have a place!

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Date:2011-09-21 14:29
Subject:Reading in North Beach - Max Wolf Valerio and Marc Olmsted

I'm reading again with Marc Olmsted in North Beach at Caffe Roma at 6:30 PM on Friday of this week, another appearance of what is becoming our poetry team!


Yes,that's an exact quote from Corso, as I can remember and of course - he's calling me "she" here because it is in past tense. I knew him before my transition naturally. I like to be honest that way ya know. And, it gives a more vivid picture of the actual amazing transformation. Any way, that's an aside, everyone is invited to attend!

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Date:2011-09-16 10:22
Subject:Volunteer at Folsom and help the Transgender Law Center get some $$

Can you volunteer for the Transgender Law Center at this year's Folsom Street Fair? The Fair is on Sunday, September 25th in San Francisco, and volunteers should be 18+. Please email becky@beckybenton.com if you can take a volunteer shift!

This is a fundraising opportunity for the Transgender Law Center, and a really cool way to spend some time at the fair!
The next volunteer orientation is tomorrow, so this is time sensitive.
I will be there in a little orange security vest!

Proceeds from your volunteer shift will go to TLC!

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Date:2011-08-09 15:53
Subject:Last Day to Signup for the Fall Community Singing Class for LGBTQ People & Allies with Eli Conley

Hey folks, my name is Eli Conley and I'm a transgender man who is a trained classical singer and singer/songwriter. I'm also a voice teacher, and I've worked with a number of fellow FtM spectrum people who want to become stronger singers. I offer private lessons and group classes. Full info is available at my website.

Today is the deadline to register for my fall Community Singing Class for LGBTQ People and Allies. Full info about the class is below.

There still two spots left, but they're going to go fast! E-mail me at SingWithEli@gmail.com to get a registration survey, or to signup for my mailing list to hear about future classes. 

Community Singing Class for LGBTQ People & Allies
Mixed Level Class - Beginners Welcome
Fall 2011

7 pm - 9 pm Tuesdays
August 16th - October 11th, with no class Sept 20th
La Peña Cultural Center
3105 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
Near Ashby BART
This location is wheelchair accessible.

***Fragrance-​Free Notice*** Please make preparations to ensure this class is safe and accessible for class members with environmental illness. I request that you join me on class days in refraining from wearing scented products, including colognes and perfumes, clothing washed in scented detergents, hair and body products with fragrance.

Cost is $200 for the 8 week session, payable over the course of the class. Some scholarships available.

Registration deadline is Tuesday, August 9th. Contact Eli at SingWithEli@gmail.com for a registration survey.

Course description:
This is a supportive community singing class for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people who want to develop their singing voices in a fun group setting. Beginners to experienced singers welcome!

The class focuses mostly on solo singing and one group song. Students will work on finding and strengthening their natural singing voice by developing breath control, learning how to listen to themselves and other singers, developing vocal range, and working on expressive song performance. The class will culminate in an optional informal recital on the last day. Glitter will also be optional but highly encouraged!

*This space is centered intentionally in LGBTQ communities because LGBTQ folks all too often find spaces focused on singing lacking relevance to our lives, commitment to our safety, and awareness of our needs. If you have any questions about whether the class is right for you, please contact Eli at singwitheli@gmail.com

Teacher Bio:
Eli Conley is a singer/songwriter, music teacher and social justice activist based in Berkeley, California. He is a white gay transgender man who grew up singing in the renowned Greater Richmond Children’s Choir in Virginia. Eli has trained in jazz vocal performance at Berklee College of Music and classical singing at Oberlin Conservatory. He currently sings tenor with the International Orange Chorale, and performs as a solo artist, and with his indie folk trio, Eli Conley Hip for Squares. Eli is a past member of the Grammy award-winning San Francisco Symphony Chorus. He teaches private voice lessons in Berkeley. E-mail SingWithEli@gmail.com to setup a lesson.

Student Testimonials:
“I would recommend this class – no matter what your singing experience, skill level or interest you will have fun, you will feel safe and cared for and you will improve!”

“Great teacher! Everything was clear and interesting – I felt very engaged… He was awesome at making me feel good about where I was at and moving from there.”

“A great thing about this class is the environment of a judgment-free, supportive group. Eli sets the tone, and it is so nice. Highlight of my year.”

“He’s good at knowing exactly what each singer’s strengths and weaknesses are and knowing exactly how to address them. His weakness – there’s only one of him!”

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Date:2011-08-01 23:58
Subject:This Thursday August 4th at 7 PM to 9 PM in Berkeley! getting a job while being *Trans*

Hey!!! August 4th - this Thursday 7 PM to 9 PM at the Pacific Center:
Techniques and information about being or getting a job while being *Trans*
presented by The Transgender Economic Empowerment Initiative
contact Transfix.norcal@gmail.com for more information!
Pacific Center in Berkeley 2712 Telegraph ave!

Also for those who can't make it, this might be interesting

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Date:2011-07-04 08:19
Subject:safe sex workshop!

Safer Sex for Trans People - Workshop by the California STD/HIV Prevention Training Center
Peer guided discussion afterward about the hurdles of keeping ourselves safe
July 7th from 7 to 9 PM
@ The Pacific Center in Berkeley, CA
2712 Telegraph Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94705
for more info e-mail Hueastbay@gmail.com or transfix.norcal@gmail.com

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Date:2011-06-15 01:58
Subject:me and Marc Olmsted reading on Thursday, June 16th

I'm not in anything Queer this Pride year folks, but I am reading with a guy who dated Allen Ginsberg! Heh. And in a wonderful little Tea house here in the city.
Time : Thursday, June 16 · 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Om Shan Tea
233 14th St @ Natoma (between Mission & South Van Ness)
San Francisco, California
Created By Marc Kockinos
For Om Shan Tea

More Info
Open Heart Poetry

A weekly gathering to bask in the poetry of awakening.
Please come with open ears, minds, hearts and words to share.
Enjoy delicious teas and antique ambiance.

Featured Poets on Thursday, June 16th:

Marc Olmsted & Max Wolf Valerio

This Thursday, Open Heart Poetry has the pleasure of featuring two legendary poets with a wealth of diverse life experience. They write with depth, power, and humor about the sacred, the profane and everything in between.

I hope that you can join us this Thursday, when Marc Olmsted & Max Wolf Valerio will be featured along with all of you who read on the Open Mic, at Open Heart Poetry.

Open Heart Poetry
Every Thursday from 7-10pm

6:30pm Open Mic Signup
7:00-7:30pm Open Mic
7:30-8:00pm Featured Poet(s)
8pm-10pm Open Mic

Hosted by Marc Kockinos
Founded by oshan anand


$5 minimum for tea or food

at Om Shan Tea, an urban tea oasis
233 14th St, at Natoma St, San Francisco, CA
between Mission & South Van Ness
3 blocks from 16th/Mission BART


Poem by Marc Olmsted:

The Deaf Club

They rented the
place 1978 to
punk rock bands
The deaf liked the
music you could
feel the beat through
the floor
eventually it
got shut
down because
of the noise

- San Francisco, recalled 4/8/05

© Marc Olmsted

Poems by Max Wolf Valerio:

Radio Freeway (excerpt):

at night
in the wind

little words
in my ears

whistling at
the sprinkling
of white dots on the road
the crescents and skulls
people in their cars
going past floating
as they ride
drunk and full of the
moon or television

in their heads on the radio
or Dr. Laura…

© Max Wolf Valerio

I -- (excerpt)











© Max Wolf Valerio

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Date:2011-05-31 23:58
Subject:Discussion: Moving On: Transitioning out of Communities

Thursday June 2nd at 630 to 8 PM at the Pacific Center!

We will be talking about what it is like to transition out of the communities (whatever they might have been and including the "trans* community") we have previously been a part of.

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Date:2011-05-31 19:10
Subject:Guitar/Singing/Rhythm Group?

Hi there!

I hope this is ok to post here. It's not specifically gender related but....

I'm looking for other friendly, musically inclined ftms and genderqueers and others to get together for jam sessions. I am beginner (been playing for a year or so) at guitar and am looking to play with others who are at or beyond my level. Currently playing folk/rock stuff.

I am local to the 510 but can travel for the right group!

email me joe.libin@gmail.com

if you are interested.


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Date:2011-05-28 04:29
Subject:Max Wolf Valerio at Sparring with Beatnik Ghosts in Berkeley--

I'm reading in Berkeley with Marc Olmsted, V. Vale of Research fame (Pranks, Modern Primitives etc.) and the Invertebrates revived from the 80's. Many others - and an open Mic, should be fun!

Sparring with Beatnik Ghosts

Round 14: Sparring With Beatnik Ghosts
Today, Saturday, May 28 7:00p
at Art House Gallery and Cultural Center, Berkeley, CA
Price: $5.00
Phone: (831) 713-0437
Age Suitability: None Specified

Sparring With Beatnik Ghosts returns to the Art House Gallery & Cultural Center Saturday, May 28 with more multi-media spoken word action. Poetry, music and experimental film conjure up more ghosts in the ring than ever before. Features include: ReSearch Publisher/ Editor V. Vale, Marc Olmsted, Max Wolf Valerio, music by THE INVERTEBRATES, Santa Cruz's Ariel Holden and Peter Marti. Plus open mic for a Beat Séance.
Show hosted/produced by Marc Olmsted.

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Date:2011-05-26 21:28
Subject:Singing workshop with Eli Conley June 4th at the Pacific Center

Beginning Singing Workshop for LGBTQ People
Lead by Eli Conley
12 - 2 pm Saturday June 4th
At the Pacific Center in Berkeley, CA
2712 Telegraph Berkeley, CA 94705
$15 - $30 sliding scale
No one turned away for lack of funds

You just need to show up the day of to participate. If you would like more information you can e-mail hueastbay@gmail.com

This is a singing workshop open to all LGBTQ-identified people, whether you've sung professionally or have never sung a note. Come prepared to experiment with your voice and explore the basics of singing in a fun group setting. The workshop will have a special focus on the unique issues of transgender and genderqueer people in singing.

Eli Conley is an indie folk singer/songwriter and voice teacher. He is a former member of the Grammy award-winning San Francisco Symphony Chorus, and has released his first CD, All the Livelong Day. Eli teaches community singing classes and private voice lessons. As a gay transgender man, he has a special interest in working with transgender and genderqueer singers. www.eliconley.com

X-posted quite a bit

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