Anthem blue cross

The affordable care act is denying me Kaiser even though I had Kaiser at a previous job for more than 4 years. Now I'm having a very hard time looking for trans friendly/educated doctors for Blue Cross. Does anyone here possibly have a great family practitioner as well as an obg/yn in the east bay?
I'm looking in the east bay as it's difficult for me to get to doctors in the city.
Thank you.

butter and sugar

Binder donations

Hi there,

I'm working on a clothing sale called Cupcakes and Muffintops - it's for fat people of all genders. this year we received some used binders as a donation. assuming they don't get purchased at the sale, where would be a good place to donate them afterwards.


Beginning Singing Workshop for LGBTQ People and Allies with FtM Voice Teacher Eli Conley

Beginning Singing Workshop for LGBTQ People and Allies

3 – 6 pm Saturday May 18th

La Peña Cultural Center
3105 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
Wheelchair accessible

This is a workshop for self-identified transgender, queer, bisexual, lesbian and gay people and our straight allies who want to develop their singing voices in a fun group setting. Beginners to experienced singers welcome! Come prepared to experiment with your voice. We will explore breathing for singing, understanding and embodying our bodies as instruments, playful vocal exercises, singing a group song and improvising together.

Workshop Fee: $50
Sliding scale conversations are available upon request.

To register, e-mail The registration deadline is May 15th.

Upcoming Drag Shows to raise money for top surgery

Hey everyone, I'm hosting a couple of drag shows in May to raise money for my top surgery so I wanted to post about it here if anyone was interested in attending. On May 22nd the show will be in Oakland at the White Horse at 9pm and on May 23rd the show will be in SF at the Lookout also at 9pm. Also at the SF show there will be a drink special for the night where 50% of the sales will go towards my fundraiser, the drink of the night will be called the Peach Pectacular :D

Butterfly in Effect: Beyond Binary April 13th through 15th

BUTTERFLY IN EFFECT: BEYOND BINARY explores themes of environment, gender and the space between. All performers self identify somewhere on a Trans, Gender-Queer, Gender-Fluid, or Gender Non-Conforming spectrum with interpretations of environment ranging anywhere from the outdoors to religion. Proceeds to go to local LGBTQ youth organizations.

Advance tickets recommended, one weekend only 
April 13-15 2012
(Fri-Sat 7PM // Sun 5 PM)

WOMEN'S BUILDING: 3543 18 th St. #18
TICKETS: $10 donation, no one turned away for lack of funds
Advanced tickets recommended

Performer and Beneficiary informationCollapse )

tomorrow night from 745 to 9 at the Pacific Center!

"Transmasculine voices"
This voice workshop, presented by Lal Zimman, PhD candidate at the the University of Colorado, provides a linguistic perspective on gender and the voice or folks on the transmasculine spectrum. He will discuss vocal anatomy, other linguists' findings on gender differences in the voice, and his own dissertation research on the changes in pitch and speaking style that occur for transmasculine folks on testosterone. Resources for further reading and recording your own voice will also be covered

room needed

I need a room!
I do all the good things people want(clean,listen,do my chores)
Non partier
Dependable income
Laid back
Coffee drinker
Card player

Im not sure what else.Im a really interesting and nice person.
I prefer to stay in SF.I work in the city.
600 or less
Feb 1st
Please help me out if you have a place!